Dr. Randy Dull

G2 Group

Dr. Randy Dull, Senior Consultant


Doctor of Philosophy, Physiology, Penn State University


Dr. Randal O. Dull, MD PhD is a physician-executive and anesthesiologist long regarded as an
international authority in the field through his research and extensive publications. He has been
recognized as an academic thought leader for two decades and is a highly sought after speaker
for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programs and for fluid management and

Over the years, Dr. Dull has also demonstrated a keen business sense with an extensive
understanding of clinical efficiency and workflow in relation to operating room organizational
function, pharmacy cost-effectiveness, and achieving excellent clinical outcomes within a
culture of excellence.

He has successfully led anesthesia departments, operating room management, clinical
innovation and life science technology transfer. In addition, Dr. Dull has served as a Department
Chairman and held two multi-million dollar endowed Chairs of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Dull completed his BS and PhD in Physiology at Penn State University. He completed a
three-year post-doctoral fellowship in cardiovascular pathology at the University of Chicago,
Department of Pathology and then attended medical school at the University of Illinois, College
of Medicine in Chicago. He completed his Anesthesiology residency at the Massachusetts
General Hospital, Boston MA and has held faculty positions at Johns Hopkins, the University of
Utah, and the University of Illinois-Chicago.

He is a tenured Professor of Anesthesiology with joint appointments to Departments of
Pathology, Physiology, and Surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Dr. Dull is
also serving as the Medical Director of the Pre-Anesthesia Clinic and Perioperative Surgical
Home, and Director of Anesthesia Operations at Banner-University Medical Center-Tucson
(BUMCT), a level-1 trauma center and the largest tertiary care medical center in Southern