John Memarian

G2 Group

John Memarian, Senior Consultant

John Memarian has more than 30 years of diverse experiences in healthcare. John’s background and experiences include roles as a practicing clinician, hospital administration, adjunct professor, professional sales & marketing, healthcare consultant, and industry guest speaker. This has amalgamated into his recent executive positions in international business development with various mid-market and start-up companies.

As a consultant, John has worked with various hospital systems across USA and the globe including those in major markets, as well as rural hospitals and health organizations in underserved markets.

In the past 5 years in his role as president of technology companies, John has traveled the world and had opportunity and pleasure of meeting and learning from healthcare professionals and policy makers in ministries of health organizations in both developed and emerging markets.

Besides the actual work experience and trainings in fields of interventional cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, and trauma, John has earned advance degrees in Allied Health TechnologiesĀ  and Business Administration, accumulated with various healthcare credentials.