Interim Leadership

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Interim Leadership

The demand for qualified Service Line & Physician Practice executives continues to grow. In fact, the demand for service line and physician practice executives has outpaced the supply of experienced and qualified leaders. As with any organization, the strength of leadership is positively correlated to success. The G2 Group has developed the capability to manage service lines on an interim basis or to provide turnaround management for troubled programs. This is based upon the input of a pool of experienced executives that collectively have literally hundreds of years of experience.

Why an Interim Solution?

  • An executive search is beginning and executive leadership is needed during the transition
  • The previous executive departed on less than optimal terms
  • The organization has impending time-sensitive events that cannot be missed and no staff executive has the time or expertise to properly respond
  • The organization wishes to use the executive transition period to reassess and align its strategic directions
  • A short-term operational turnaround is needed before recruiting the new service line executive
  • Staff and stakeholder uneasiness about the future requires attention to the human side of these changes.

Interim Leadership – Stops the programmatic bleeding & allows time to launch and execute a solid candidate search.

Ease the Urge, Strike Fast, Chart the Course The G2 Group Process – Rapid, Measured, Customized

  • Situation Assessment / Aiding your Search Firm
  • Communication plan for candidates and the community
  • Access to G2 Group templates, plans, and models developed at many of the most successful programs in the nation specific project work plan, assignment accountability & completion – for each project as well as framing and reprioritizing key projects the recruited executive.[/list]

The G2 Group assists your organization in assessing and enhancing your current service, fulfilling current project or task needs, while effectively and seamlessly spanning the gap in leadership. The cycle for the interim executive can be much more rapid, supported by the G2 Group team.   For more information on Interim Leadership, contact us today!