Business Model Implementation

G2 Group

Business Model Implementation

Translating strategic vision to front-line action is more important than ever in today’s complex healthcare landscape. Given the unprecedented changes facing hospitals and health systems, more and more healthcare professionals are seeking strategic advice from experienced management teams to secure long-term success for their organization.

The G2 Group helps health systems and hospitals bridge healthcare’s critical strategy-execution gap. We help organizations adopt truly strategic business models and offer concrete implementation guidance to each of our clients. Our business model consulting services include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Transaction Assistance / Due Diligence
  • Medical Group, IPA & MSO Formation
  • Management Company Structuring
  • Board Start-up & Orientation
  • Contracted Management

We also offer options for custom-fitting a business model to meet specific organizational needs. By providing tactical business strategies and collaborative partnerships, the G2 Group advisors help operational leaders advance their larger organizational goals.

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