About Us

G2 Group

About Us

The G2 Group is a nationally-recognized healthcare management consulting firm specializing in business development. We are healthcare professionals with hands-on experience in delivering quality care. Our team of independent consultants serve as trusted advisors in healthcare management, and we work with large regional health systems, profit and not-for-profit hospitals, physician groups, and other service lines all across the country. We operate on an executive level to define and implement the best strategies and the right structures for sustained growth.


Our company name refers to the combination of elite healthcare “intel” we provide our clients—research that is scientific and measurable, yet socially-oriented and gathered from current marketplace analysis. In the military, G2 refers to secret information or intelligence. In our usage, G2 is a strategic group of healthcare consultants. Our tactical business models offer qualitative insight and quantitative results in the healthcare industry.

We provide the research, analysis, and resources to help clients navigate complex issues related to physician partnering and service line strategies. Our specialties include: hospital/physician partnering, physician recruiting, healthcare marketing and branding, healthcare real estate, physician practice management, and referral network development.

For more than 20 years, the G2 Group has helped healthcare organizations and industry professionals set and successfully meet strategic operational and financial goals. Contact us directly to learn more about our business model initiatives and partnerships. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Mission


Our mission is to work with hospitals, physicians, healthcare staff, vendors, and ultimately patients to improve overall system efficiency, strengthen provider partnering, and care for all life with the grace God would have us provide.

Our Core Values

G2 bulletFaith

Believing that we all have the opportunity to be honorable servants in God’s family and placing our trust in His hands

G2 bulletRespect

A high sense of worth and regard for a person

G2 bulletIntegrity

Adhering to our deep moral and ethical principles

G2 bulletService

Going the extra mile for an extraordinary process and outcome

G2 bulletCommunication

To listen and formulate thoughts and exchange ideas with trust